Singing Hills Goat Dairy Feta Cheese

June 28, 2010

Aunt Suzy says

I’ve discovered a great local Twin Cities area source for feta and other goat cheese, Singing Hills Goat Dairy.  Lynn Reech and Kate Wall raise goats and pigs and make cheese in Nerstrand, Minnesota, a beautiful area right next to one of our wonderful state parks, Big Woods.  They sell their cheese at the Mill City Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis which is where I first tasted and then purchased their cheese.

In my post on Baked Feta, I mentioned some places you could get slabs of feta cheese, but at that time I didn’t know about Lynn and Kate’s products.  I’ve also used their feta crumbles in several recipes, including  Chickpea Salad and Shaved Asparagus Pizza.  So I encourage you to go out to the Mill City market on a Saturday and get some of this delicious cheese!   They’re on the inside portion of the market toward the back.  You can also become a fan on their Facebook page.


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